Rob’s Value Proposition: Rob is hard working and competent, the most conscientious and servant hearted Realtor in the south metro area of Denver.

After many years as a real estate agent, I find I am more passionate about serving clients in their buying, selling, and investing in residential real estate than any other role I have ever enjoyed. Moving to Boston from Toronto, Canada in 1991, I soon discovered the many challenges of being a transplant in a different country. Although Canada and the U.S. are neighbors, with similar cultures, the differences in immigration law and cross-border tax and wealth management are significant. 

Five years later, when a career advancement opportunity required a move to Colorado, I learned yet again, the complicated logistics of having to move an entire family of five, thousands of miles across the country.  Through these two personal relocations, I have gained a unique appreciation for the needs of families who are relocating to Denver.  Helping clients who are going through similar experiences to my own is very rewarding!

Rob Mancey Realty utilizes this personal and specific knowledge to create a unique and empathetic solution for relocating families.  As a long-time resident of the Denver metro area, through working in various business development roles in corporate America, I have expanded my network across business and social circles to become a well-networked resource for new clients in the area.  I am passionate about sharing who I know and what I know about the great State of Colorado. Whether the move is from Canada, across the US, or across the ocean, I will add value to clients finding a great place to settle and create a new home.

Outside of being a real estate agent, I enjoy spending time with my family and my church, as well as camping, fishing, cycling, skiing and golfing.

I participate in the following organizations:

  • Canada Colorado Association as President (
  • Highlands 460 HOA as President (
  • Cherry Hills Community Church leading Cherry Hills @ Work and mission teams to Haiti
  • Rocky Mountain Relocation Council
  • South Metro Denver Realtors Association

Backed by what I believe to be the best team in Denver real estate, I am proud to be able to help families just like yours find the ideal home, in an ideal neighborhood, and establish a nearly idyllic life. As my clients have so nicely stated, I will “have your back” throughout your relocation process. Find out more about how I will customize my services to provide complete and total satisfaction by scheduling your first consultation now.